Every dog needs exercise, socialization and education! And let’s face it, every dog would love to have a BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)! Dogtopia’s open-play daycare offers all this and more – a safe, supervised, loveable place to leave your dog. Just like children, dogs need to get out of the house and feel a sense of purpose. Even if there are other dogs at home, you wouldn’t let your children only hang out with each other, would you? We conduct an evaluation with each dog that comes through Dogtopia to assess comfort in our open-play environment. Then, the dogs are separated into playrooms that best suit their size and temperament. For Dogtopia dogs, every day is The Most Exciting Day Ever!


The Grand Prize of Dogtopia Daycare for a Year allows your dog to attend daycare three days per week every week for one year beginning on September 6, 2017. Should your dog not pass the open-play evaluation or if you do not live within 30 miles of a Dogtopia, you can transfer your prize to another pet parent of your choice or choose to receive a monthly box of dog-related retail items instead.


Dogtopia open playroom